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A smiling woman is peeking out from a partially opened door. She has black hair, and is wearing blue jeans and a white button up shirt. There is a stethoscope around her neck.

Dr. Vanessa Ali

Dr. Vanessa Ali grew up in Plano, Texas, where she resides today. She attended Texas A&M Commerce for undergrad and earned her veterinary degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to attending veterinary school, she competed for over 10 years with her Paso Fino Horses. After an internship at Rockwall Equine Center, Dr. Ali worked at PMCOD from 2012 to 2013. She refined her expertise as a veterinarian at several clinics in the DFW area before officially accepting the torch from Dr. Fuller in 2019. 

Dr. Ali has many pets, including several horses, a small herd of goats, two dogs, "Saphira" & "Coqui" and two cats, "Fiona" & "Tigger." When she isn't working, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, riding and showing horses, and cooking.


Dr. Lisa Johnson

Dr. Johnson received her veterinary degree from Oklahoma State University in 1990, and has been practicing veterinary medicine for over thirty years. She is an active participant and performs solo arias in her church's choir. Her hobbies include travelling internationally (her profile photo was taken in Ireland!) and playing Pokémon Go. 

Dr. Johnson has two Pomeranians named "Koga" and "Yuki," as well as a domestic shorthair cat named "Bob."


Our managers ensure our protocols meet the doctors' high standards of care, and that the needs of patients and clients are met. 

A smiling blond woman wearing a blue shirt is holding a smal fluffy Australian shepherd.

Krista, CVPM

Hospital Administrator


In the Field Since: 1993
Pets: "Raspberry" (Mini Australian Shepherd), "Buddy" (Chihuahua mix), "Chalker" (Domestic longhair cat) & "Festy" (Domestic shorthair cat). 



Chief Snuggler

In the Field Since: 2016

Hobbies: Begging for tummy scritches & announcing the presence of visitors.



Assistant Cuddler

In the Field Since: 2008

Hobbies: Guarding the breakroom couch & napping.


Here at Pet Medical Center we pride ourselves on retaining a team of skilled technicians who embody the perfect combination of education, compassion, and experience.
We consider ourselves advocates for your pet's care and regularly attend continuing education seminars in order to stay up-to-date on technical skills and medicine.

A smiling blond woman wearing dark green scrubs is holding a calico cat.

Kyndale, LVT

Lead Technician


In the Field Since: 2012
Pets: "Honey" (Dachshund mix), & "Boota" (Pit Bull mix).

A smiling blond woman is kneeling on the lawn outdoors. In one arm she is supporting a rottweiler puppy, and the other arm is around the neck of a much larger adult rottweiler.


Veterinary Technician


In the Field Since: 2017
Pets: "Shiva" (Bengal cat).



Veterinary Technician

In the Field Since: 2017

Pets: "Church" and "Ellie" (Domestic longhair cats), "Serena" (Husky mix).

A smiling man has a brown and white puppy in a sling around his neck.

Todd, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician

In the Field Since: 2013
Pets: "Eli" & "Tucker" (Pit Bull mixes), "Harley"
(Jack Russell Terrier), "Iggy" (Shepherd mix), "Lincoln" (Terrier mix).

A smiling woman with medium brown hair is in front of a red and white background.

Deborah, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician

In the Field Since: 1996
Pets: "Jonah Gabriel" (Great Pyrenees), "Miriam Rahab" & "Moses Michael" (Domestic shorthair cats), "Tabatha Ruth" (Calico cat).

Moodie McLean.jpg


Veterinary Technician

In the Field Since: 2013

Pets: "Moodie" (Pitbull), Odin" (German Shepherd), "Zeus" (Rottweiler), "Bee" (bearded dragon).


CeeCee, CVT

Credentialed Veterinary Technician

In the Field Since: 1989

Pets: "Willow" & "Sushi" (Domestic shorthair cats), "Burt" (Boxer/Pitbull mix), "Piper" (Chorkie).

Client Care
Client Care

Client care's main goal is exactly that - to make sure our clients and their pets receive the best possible care. From the moment we answer your call, throughout each and every visit, our highest priority is providing you with informative, quality service.
We strive to ensure you and your pet always feel welcome.



Client Care & Social Media

In the Field Since: 2017
Pets: "Posie" (Dachshund/Yorkie), "Liesl" (Bichon Frise), "Ronin" (Pit bull/Heeler mix), "Amika" (Domestic shorthair cat).

A dark-haired woman smiles at the camera. She is wearing burgundy scrubs.


Client Care

-Habla Español-

In the Field Since: 2007
Pets: "Wheelie" (Chihuahua), "Leo" (Terrier mix), "Duke" (Lab mix).

A cream chihuahua is playing tug of war with the person taking the photo. She has very large and upright ears.


Client Care & Inventory Management

In the Field Since: 1995
Pets: "Mowitza" (Chihuahua).



Client Care

In the Field Since: 2023

Pets: "Cherokee" (Lab/Australian Shepherd mix), "Cheyenne" (Catahoula mix), "Kong" (Mini Schnauzer).



Client Care

-Habla Español-

In the Field Since: 2022
Pets: "Boots," "Ravioli," "Marshy," and "Oreo" (Domestic shorthair cats).

Kennel Team

When your pets stay in our boarding facilities, they are pampered by our kennel staff.
We love meeting and getting to know the variety of pets that board with us, and and aim to make their stay comfortable and stress-free. If you're considering boarding a pet, set up a meet-and-greet so we can introduce ourselves to our future guests.

A black and white tuxedo cat is lying on top of a pink plush blanket


Kennel Lead

-Habla Español-

In the Field Since: 2022

Pets: "Miwa Pusheen" (Domestic shorthair cat).

A brown and white puppy is tucked into a blanket. The puppy has its tongue sticking out.


Kennel Attendant

In the Field Since: 2022

Pets: "Dakota" (Pit bull/shepherd mix), "Loki" (Pit bull), "Lola" (Boston Terrier).

Clinic Cats

These fine felines are permanent fixtures at Pet Medical Center. They enjoy greeting patients, sleeping on furniture, and "helping out" in the reception area.

Clementine was adopted through the Tricity Animal Shelter in 2016, and Petrie joined the family in 2019 after being abandoned at a church. 

A calico tabby cat is looking suspiciously at the camera. Behind her is a vase of sunflowers.


Resident Diva

In the Field Since: 2016

Hobbies: Hiding in trash cans & cupboards.

A gray and white tabby cat is lying on his back, batting at a toy at the end of a cat wand.


Mischief Maker

In the Field Since: 2019

Hobbies: Playing fetch & batting things off desks.

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