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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment or can I walk in?
We operate by appointment o
nly. Depending on our schedule, we may have same day appointments available.


Are you taking new patients?
Yes, we are always accepting new patients! You can call us at 972-298-4993 to set up an appointment.

Do you see rabbits/ferrets/birds/etc?
At this time our doctors do not treat any animals other than cats and dogs. We recommend you reach out to Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital at 972-296-9933 to inquire about treatment for pocket pets and exotics.

What do I need to do before my pet's visit?
We ask that you email your pet's prior medical records as well as a filled out version of any relevant forms to

If your pet has any allergies, fears, or behavioral issues, please let us know at the time of scheduling so we can ensure the best possible visit for your pet. Upon entry to the hospital, dogs must be leashed at all times, and we recommend bringing cats in a secure carrier. If you do not own a cat carrier, we are happy to loan you one.

Can I schedule my pet with a specific doctor?

We are more than happy to work with you to find an open appointment slot with your preferred doctor. Please be aware that this may limit the number of available times we are able to offer.

Can I schedule my pet with a specific technician?

If your pet has a special rapport with certain staff members we will do our best to maintain that relationship! Please be aware that this may extend your wait time since we cannot always guarantee a specific technician's immediate availability.

Can my pet get just a rabies vaccine?

Because we are a full service hospital, not a vaccine clinic, our minimum standard of care dictates we perform a full exam as well as run a fecal test to check for intestinal parasites. Please call for more information about our vaccination protocols.

Do you do ear crops/tail docking/dewclaw removal? What about declawing cats?

We can do tail docking and dewclaw removal on pets that are no more than three days old. We will not do ear cropping or any type of declawing unless there is a medical reason.

What is the cost of a visit?

Exam fees vary depending on the nature of the visit. For first time clients, a deposit is required at the time of scheduling in order to reserve your appointment. You can call us at 972-298-4993 for exam prices.


I think my pet is sick. What does it cost to get him/her treated?
We cannot give an accurate estimate without a physical exam of the patient. Once the doctor has completed an exam, an estimate will be made in the room showing all recommended treatments and/or medications which you are free to approve or decline. You may call for a baseline estimate but please be aware these are ESTIMATES and costs are subject to change depending on your pet's physical condition.

Why do you require a deposit for first-time clients?

Due to an unusually high number of no-show no-call appointments, we are now requiring first-time clients and clients with a history of two or more missed appointments to prepay an exam fee at the time of scheduling. This deposit is refundable up to 24 hours before the appointment time and applies to your final invoice. In the instance that you plan to pay using Care Credit, the deposit will be refunded at the time of checkout and the full balance will be applied to your Care Credit card.

How quickly can I get a refill of my pet's medication?

Please call and request medication 24-48 hours in advance.


Can you ship my medication to me?

We are able to ship most medications for a $10 fee, however, it is more cost effective to utilize our online pharmacy, Vetsource. If you need assistance setting up an account, please call us at 972-298-4993.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and most forms of credit cards, including Care Credit. We also accept Scratchpay.


Do you do payment plans?
We are unable to offer payment plans. We accept Care Credit, which is a medical specific credit card with deferred interest, and Scratchpay, which functions as a small private loan.

Are you hiring?

Open positions are posted at and we are always accepting applications.


Do you offer internships?

To inquire about internships, please email us at with your contact information and a brief description of what kind of experience you are looking for. 

A gray and white tabby cat. He is lying on top of a clipboard next to a shelf.

Does Dr. Fuller still work here?

Dr. Fuller has officially retired and is enjoying being able to finally sleep in after over forty years of exemplary veterinary service!  

Did you know there are loose cats in your lobby?

That's probably Clementine (calico) or Petrie (gray and white tabby). They are permanent residents at Pet Medical Center and grew up alongside visiting dogs and cats. If you are uncomfortable with the cats' presence for any reason (allergies, phobias, reactive pets, etc) please let a staff member know and we will relocate them for the duration of your visit. 

Can I bring my pet by just to say hi?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we recommend bringing your pets occasionally for social visits so they can become desensitized to the hospital. This gives us the opportunity to offer your pet treats and foster a positive relationship with them. If your pet has significant fear or aggression, we do ask that you give us a heads up so we can recommend a time when the hospital is at minimum capacity in order to reduce stressors on your pet.

Our standard forms are available for you to download and fill out in advance of your appointment.

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