Manufacturer guaranteed products shipped to your door


Schedule regular deliveries of your pet's food and meds


Single doses of preventative shipped monthly on the day they are due


Prescription and non-prescription Hill's, Royal Canin, and Purina food

"Why use Vetsource?"

Products on Vetsource are sourced directly from the manufacturers. That means if your pet gets a heartworm infection despite giving prevention, the manufacturer will pay for tests and treatment. They guarantee that products bought on Vetsource are safe and effective. Other sites do not carry this guarantee, and can only refund the cost of the product.

"How is my pet's prescription approved?"

When you request a prescription through our Vetsource website, we receive and can approve it right away so it can be shipped as soon as possible. With other websites, we have to wait for their fax to come over, and they have to wait for us to fax it back. 

"But other websites seem so much cheaper."

Other online pharmacies sometimes offer discounts on the first purchase, but the manufacturer discounts in our Vetsource store are always available. That means you end up saving more over time with Vetsource than you can on other websites.

"How do I know what's best for my pet?"

Our doctors and staff are available to assist you with questions about your products and orders. We can even use ScriptShare to recommend medications you can easily order through your Vetsource account, or place orders for you right here in the practice.